Thank You For Following Me On Twitter

Thank you for following me on Twitter. I greatly appreciate it. Twitter has been extremely beneficial for me and has led to developing great releationships with people from all walks of life and from throughout the globe. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get up in the morning and going to Twitter and seeing mentions from such remote places as Nepal or from those who live in the same neighborhood here in metro Atlanta. It reminds me of the old days when I’d sit for hours with my uncle while he conversed via Ham Radio with people globally.

I’m one who really wants to get to know someone before I try to introduce them to something, however, I feel compelled to share something with you. I know that this will be of tremendous help. I, like you, have spoken to groups a large number of times and wish that I had started doing this some time ago rather than jus recently. It’s been quite frustrating walking away from speaking gigs empty handed.

Frustrated In Not Capturing Leads From Your Speaking Engagements?

For those who have been following me, they know I’m an experienced marketing professional who does his homework and passes along what I learn to people that can use it. I’ve counseled businesses, professionals, and non profits, small and large, for more than thirty years. I’m also a self-published author and speaker. I know, like you, that for most of us, selling our books and ancillary products is up to us.

One of the main challenges I’ve had, and you probably have experienced, as well , is capturing the names of the people who have attended my presentations. Although you might ask for them to connect with you via email or LinkedIn, I bet very few do. That’s been my experience. Unless you’re selling your books and materials at the back of the room, or collecting their business cards in a goldfish bowl or hat, once they’re out of sight they’re usually out of mind. These are great prospects for a potential life time of sales value that have simply slipped away.

Recognizing this challenge, I have found a better way to connect with these people; namely, text messaging via a mobile phone.  It’s simple, cost effective, and it works!!

The audience is there. Everyone has a mobile phone and they always have it with them. Mobile is going to be a part of my marketing advice from now on and I am using it for selling my book.  It is a direct and unobtrusive approach to building relationships. Choose a keyword, share it with as many people as possible and ask them to text it.

Mobile puts all the information you want people to know about your book on the device that is always with them. It provides a way for people to buy your book, and easily share information about it with others. It collects mobile numbers into lists that allow you to contact people again and again.

How Does It work?

Use your mobile phone to text the keyword “HIRED” to the short code phone number “63975”. First, you’ll be asked to reply “Y” to opt into the contact list I have connected to that keyword. You’ll then receive a response text with a link to information about my book and a PayPal connection to buy it, if you want. Text messages usually stay on phones for awhile. Forwarding text messages and sharing mobile web pages to other mobile phones is easy. People that you know who might be interested in your book can forward the info with a couple of touches on their phone.

How Can You Use It?

I’ve found that an effective way to sell my book is by speaking to groups. Whether it is at a marketing meeting, civic or church group, anywhere I can get in front of other people, I take the opportunity.

Mobile lets me take advantage of every chance I get to promote myself and my book. I try to leave the  audience with something. Mobile lets the audience leave something with me, a mobile phone number. Some venues restrict my ability to sell my book. Mobile provides an alternative to counter that. I ask the audience if they have their phone with them. They always do. I ask them to text the keyword to the short code. Go ahead, I tell them, it takes just a few seconds.

To encourage as many as possible to participate, I run a drawing, through the mobile platform, for a copy of my book. It is human nature that the more reasons people have for doing something, the more likely they are to do it. It’s worth the cost of a book, or a gift card, to give them a reason and boost the capture rate. Mobile works other ways, too. I know some authors use display ads in publications. Space is limited. With a keyword, or a QR code leading to the mobile page about their book, space isn’t a problem. And, the link to the page leads to a way to buy the book.

Mobile is my best idea for selling books. I want to find more ideas and share them. You can receive my contact information by texting “jeff” to “63975”. Or, follow this link, Or, if you would like to try mobile for yourself, I’ve made arrangements for a discounted package. To order,  follow this link If you questions about mobile, call Emmett Nash at 678-232-2230, or send him a message at