7 Predictions For 2012 From Around The Web That I Agree With

Having reviewed countless  articles and posts that have focused on predictions for 2012, I thought I’d share a few with you from around the Web that I feel are relevant and which I agree with.-

1)Social Media Will Lose Its Sizzle – as part of a Washington Post article on Tech Predictions for 2012,  this summary contends that the growth of Social Media will slow.  I tend to feel the same, as an awful lot of people have been spending a great deal of time on Social Media and have been neglecting other aspects of their lives. The beginning of 2012 may be a wake up call for a number of individuals and they will see that FTF meetings are more important in building solid relationships. Social Media tools are facilitators.

2)Social Gaming Will Become More Prominent- in this article which Avi Savar wrote for Forbes, he explains that the emergence of Foursquare and other similar platforms will be enhanced with the the integration of more social gaming apps in 2012 which will benefit businesses and individuals. As a fairly heavy user of Foursquare,  I feel that gaming may make a difference in creating additional adopters and encouraging more businesses to become involved.

3)Mobile Will Gain Ground– as Jay Baer outlined in a recent posting in Social Media Today, we  will finally get somewhere with mobile. We’ll see a concerted effort by more companies to make sure that their content is mobile friendly.

4)LinkedIn Will Continue to Experience Strong Growth–  as a speaker and trainer on LinkedIn, I am certainly aware of the great benefits to be derived from this platform. I, too, look for strong growth beyond the 135M user base to the 200M level by the end of this year. As the Social Talent  post also states,  there will be a continued roll-out of new tools for recruiters on LinkedIn and more integration with newspapers and other media.

5)The Next Social Media Disrupters Are Still Being Decided- as Jeff Bullas so thoroughly explained in a recent blog post, it’s hard to know at this time what Social Media platform will emerge and become “disruptive” in 2012.  Jeff, as well as I, feel that Pinterest has a great shot at establishing a stong presence in 2012.  I have to admit that I wasn’t a follower of Pinterest, but that all changed on Christmas Day when it was a primary discussion topic at a Christmas gathering.  The enthusiasm which a number of my daughter’s friends showed for it was overwhelming. They all love it.

6) Companies Will Increase Employee Coordination In Social Media- coordinated Social Media efforts have generally been lacking in so many organizations. As  Kevin Green pointed out in a recent posting in BostInno , in 2012 we should see a concerteed effort by companies to train their employees, provide them with the tools to enable them and coordinate most all Social Media activities.

7)Social Media Will Be Impacted By The Unexpected- as Graeme McMillan outlined in a recent Time article,  Social Media will continue to be impacted by things that we clearly can’t anticipate at this time. A prime example of this were the Arab uprisings in 2011 and the role that Social Media played in this development. There was no real way of predicting this at the beginning of 2011.

Do you have any more to add?




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