A Glimpse Into the Future- Microsoft Style. Guest Blog Post by Larry Stanley

Microsoft is betting the farm on Windows 8.  Yes WINDOWS 8.  It will be out by the end of 2012.  Seems like we just got Windows 7!!  But technology is changing very rapidly. And it will not be slowing down.

Being a Microsoft Business Partner, I have had a copy of the Windows 8 Beta version since March 11th.  I loaded it on a spare PC when I first got it, to take a look at the interface.  Needless to say, I was not particularly impressed at the time.  But then, I was not looking at it from the right perspective.  On the Desktop PC, it does not look nearly as nice as Windows 7,  kind of “clunky” with what Microsoft calls its “Metro” interface – the same interface that they have on their Windows Phone.

So, I put it aside and forgot about it.   Who wants to learn yet ANOTHER version of Windows??  We are just getting used to Windows 7.

Then last week, an article caught my eye about Microsoft’s MASTER PLAN and caused me to revisit Windows 8.

So, I loaded it on a new custom built PC I am using to test VIRTUALIZATION (Cloud Stuff).  I answered a few questions, and it installed in 15 Minutes.  Not too shabby.  However, there is a much bigger picture than most people realize right now.  Microsoft has a game plan to make Windows 8 Metro the interface across its entire Windows product line. 

So, in a nutshell, Windows 8 is designed to be the ONLY interface on every device that runs Microsoft that the average person will touch:  Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Windows Laptop, and Windows Desktop.  This, along with their on-line offerings such as Office 365, is what Microsoft will be using to compete with Google, and Apple.

NOW, what Microsoft is doing makes a lot more sense.  Especially since I presently have:
A Windows laptop
An iPad
An Android Smart Phone, which replaced a Blackberry, which replaced a Palm Centro, which replaced a Palm Treo, which replaced a bunch of various cell phones along with a Palm Pilot. You get the idea?  So, a consistent interface might be nice.

Also, Microsoft has listened to its customers and is producing Windows 8 in only 3 versions: Windows 8 for individual home use, Windows 8 Business for office networks, and Windows RT which is for portable devices running ARM processors – phone, tablet, etc.  This is great!

With Windows XP in its last 2 years of support ( it will not be supported after April, 2014), it is time for everyone to move to Windows 7 or soon to appear Windows 8.

I have been spending some time moving around in my Beta copy and once you get to know the interface, it is not too bad.  Besides, once I learn it, then it will be the same on a Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, an Xbox ( I’ve already used Xbox Live on the desktop and made an IT Larry Avatar!), and anything else that comes along in the near future.

Larry Stanley is President of Cobbwebs.com, an IT outsourcing , desktop, and server support company based in Marietta, GA. Twitter- @itlarry

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