A Salute Worth Tweeting About On Social Media

As someone who endlessly searches the Internet and the media for inspirational stories and motivational quotes,  it isn’t often that I find one that results in my immediate action. This case was different!


Salute Seen Around The World

Over the weekend, I saw a compelling story about Josh Hargis, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.   I had previously noticed the photo of his famous salute seen around the world late last year and it resonated with me, but to see his updated story on TV and witness his latest efforts to move forward with his life was really compelling.   The story began on October 6th, 2013 when Josh, along with members of 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, were conducting operations in Southern Afghanistan.  During the operation  multiple  Improvised Explosive  Devices  were  employed  by  the  enemy.  The overwhelming damage caused by the insurgents left four US Soldiers dead and a multitude of wounded.  Josh  was severely wounded, losing both his legs from the knees down.  He is now undergoing extensive rehabilitation in Texas.

Although my military “service” was limited to a couple of years in the Air Force ROTC, I have always been supportive of our veterans and the sacrifices that they continue to make on a daily basis. I was involved on  a volunteer basis with a veterans cause, Healing Veterans,  for several years and had the great fortune of becoming a friend of Andy Farris, the founder. With the recent passing of Andy, I knew it was time to try to assist another individual or group with their cause in supporting veterans. Along came Josh. 

In speaking with Josh’s brother-in-law, I learned even more about  Josh’s character. Not only did he find a way to offer  a salute when he was severely wounded, he  is now on a mission to become as self-sufficient as possible. It is his hope that he, his wife, and soon to be child can live a “normal life”. Most of us can only imagine the challenges he faces.

In an effort to assist Josh in his pursuit, to call attention to the plight of so many like Josh, and to pave the way to assist others, his family and friends have organized a 222 mile Warrior’s Walk that will start at Fort Stewart, Georgia on February 17th  and finish at Josh’s unit in Fort Benning, Georgia.  The plan is to raise enough money for Josh and his expectant wife to get through this situation and help defray costs for things that will be needed in their future. The list of things that are need are extensive ,very costly, and well beyond what the military is able to provide for in the way of compensation.

I would appreciate if all of my 261,ooo+ Followers on Twitter consider this cause and provide as much exposure for it as possible. I know that I will be so doing, hoping to bring some light to those who have served and to carry on the work of my late friend, Andy Farris. Let’s make the Warrior’s Walk an outstanding success in tribute  and provide a “salute” back to Josh for his service. Furthermore, if you live in Georgia or Alabama, you might consider attending the arrival of Josh and all of the “walkers” at Ft. Benning. What a tribute that would be!

For further details, please go to www.thewarriorswalk.com .












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