Are You A Twitter #Hashtag Hussy?-Guest Blog Post by Sally Hughes

While hash tags definitely serve a fine purpose in Twitter-ville inasmuch as they help your fellow tweeps understand what a particular tweet is REALLY about, if you find yourself abusing them, over-using them or – heaven forbid!- actually kinda pimping them, then YOU may in fact be a #Hashtag Hussy …

The top ten warning signs are as follows:
1. You preface every tweet with a hash tag.
2. You end every tweet with a hash tag.
3. #You #only #tweet #in #hashtags.
4. #HashtagHussy is your new official Twitter nick name albeit unintentionally …
5. Your hash tags take up at least 23.7 % of any given tweet and are more robust than your BMI even on your best day at the gym.
6. #hashtaghussy is your favorite hash tag and your primary tweet is #hashtag #hashtaghussy #hashtag #hashtaghussy #hashtag.
7. Even though you’re either a vegetarian or just trying to cut back on red meat ALL you can think about is corned beef #hash tag!
9. You dream in hash tags and wake up hashing out your dreams with little # symbols …
10. You didn’t list number 8 eight because you wore out your key board’s # symbol from too much hash tagging!

ps: OK. Bonus point to make up for the MIA number 8: #YOU #RETWEET #THIS #JUST #BECAUSE <—- Please don’t do that btw! Fight the urge and just say NO to #hashtaghussyin’! 🙂

About Sally: According to her cool Twitter bio (which bears the hash tag #LA – no less!), Ms. Hughes is a Los Angeles media producer, social media ninja, animal welfare advocate, amateur chef, optimist, fitness buff, head shark, eco-chick, and road warrior … Follow her tweets on Twitter at @planetshark.



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