Are You Ready For The 2013 Super Bowl? How About Your Own?

WOW! The big game is only a day away. It’s hard to believe. It should be quite the EVENT.  Both the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49er’s are great teams. It will be very entertaining and enjoyable for anyone, whether you’re a fan of football or not. Just the commercials alone are worth the price of admission.  There’s already been a lot of buzz around  a number of them  including:

Coke– a number of Arab Rights Groups have indicated that the desert chase commercial is racist. It appears that over the past few days some of the controversy has subsided, but, nevertheless, it has created quite a bit of unanticipated commotion.

Go Daddy–  CBS decided that the commercial with an over the top kissing scene , featuring race car driver Danica Patrick and super model Bar Refaeli , was really too much and censored parts of it.

Besides these two controversial ones, we’ll probably all be treated to great TV commercials from the likes of Budweiser, Doritos, and Chrysler, to name a few. All have prepped for months to provide us with what will hopefully be captivating ads. Twitter Tweets and Facebook Posts will provide great feedback for the advertisers and entertain us with an added dimension to the game. It will certainly be the most engaged “second screen” experience to date.

Unlike the advertisers and players in the game, we’ve had it easy over the past few months and weeks. While the advertisers were probably finished with their ads a couple of months ago or earlier, the past week has undoubtedly been quite intense for the teams playing in the game. Just like they’ve done for months, they probably practiced hours on end on how to mount a solid offense to counteract the other’s defense, and the same on the defensive side. They both want to be capable of reacting to any possible situation that presents itself and achieve the ultimate goal of becoming the champions of  Super Bowl XLVII.

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with Social Media and what we’re doing? Like the Super Bowl, we practice and prepare hours on end for what we’re doing.  We should be focusing on both mounting a sufficient offense to attract new business and a defensive strategy to fend off any competitors.  We also need to make sure that we have our “special teams” in place to capitalize and properly execute on any potential surprises that might arise. Also, as they will be doing in the game, we need to make adjustments on a quarterly basis so that we can become more productive and prosperous. We also need to enjoy a halftime where we can take some time away from the game and enjoy ourselves.

Unlike the Super Bowl, the final outcome for our business or personal “Super Bowl” won’t be known until the end of the year when we reflect on our annual performance. Did we have the correct strategies in place to grow our businesses?  Did we assess our performance on a quarterly basis and have new strategies and tactics in place to remain competitive? Did we keep score throughout the game and measure the right things?

As we enjoy the few hours before the big game, I can’t think of a better time to get our own game plans in shape to ensure that the points we’ll score throughout the year will be maximized. We also want to surrender very few points, if any, to the competition.

Enjoy the game!



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