Careers: How Stay-at-Home Moms Can Market Themselves for Return to Paid Employment Guest Blog Post by Michelle Hutchinson

Fortunately, it’s been many years since either one of my kids has needed a diaper change, but no matter how old my children get, I will always be a mom. It’s one job title that never gets retired.

Unlike most jobs in our economy, parenting is one position that has no financial remuneration.

In spite of the so-called mommy wars, many stay-at-home mothers would love to enter (or re-enter) the world of paid employment. They hesitate, though, because they think they don’t have the skills or experience to get hired. They’re wrong.

Just take a look at Wanda MacPherson, the mom in the Baby Blues comic strip  from February 12, 2012.

Careers: How To Market Mom To Return To Employment

The last panel says it all—Mom: The Ultimate Small Business.

Okay, so maybe employers don’t exactly picture maintenance as changing a diaper (lower left panel), but moms definitely have marketable skills. Let’s identify some and see how you could highlight them on a resume .

Well, moms certainly have experience utilizing training and instructional strategies. Heck, they’ve taught their kids how to use a toilet, ride a bike, and make their beds.

They know how to use motivational skills too. After all, once moms teach their kids how to make their beds (and stack the dishwasher and vacuum the carpet), they have to motivate the children to do those chores on a regular basis.

And if kids are doing those chores on a regular basis, then Mom is increasing the productivity of the team she manages. She could back that up with a bullet point on her resume that reads:

  • Increased productivity of team of 3 via training and motivational sessions in vacuuming, dusting, bedmaking, and dishwashing.

I bet many moms also have financial management experience. After all, don’t they have to oversee the household budget? They could back that up with bullet points on their resumes that read:

  • Reduced travel expenses by X% in spite of Y% increase in mandatory trips by preplanning routes, maintaining speed limit, and decreasing weight carried.
  • Decreased household expenses by X% by instituting 4 energy conservation measures and engaging in comparison shopping for goods and services.

Do you get the idea? You have the qualities that employers are seeking, so don’t sell yourself short.



Dr. Michelle Hutchinson is the founder of Wordhelper: Editing, Writing, Resumes & More. She has a great deal of experience preparing resumes and cover letters that open doors to interviews. She can be found on Twitter as @wordhelper, on Facebook , and on LinkedIn.

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