Delta’s New iPad App- A Real Winner For Travelers And Social Media Lovers

As a loyal customer of Delta Air Lines for many years, and someone who has spent many months during my career in the air, I was quite delighted to learn today of Delta’s new Fly Delta for iPad App. What a gem! Some real thought went into it and it extremely well done. More importantly, it not only demonstrates that Delta is taking advantage of leading edge technologies, but that it is using them successfully to interact and engage with customers. It is quite apparent that Delta solicited input from its customers in developing the platform.

What’s more, Delta has also clearly embraced Social Media and has validated the usefulness of Social Media for the air traveler. It is now possible for he or she to see what is being said on social networks about their final destination. Some of the additional features include:

1)Flight schedules and booking information
2)Mileage earned on the flight
3)Trip extras
4)Entertainment choices
6)Boarding pass transmittal to smart phones
7)In-flight WiFi integration
8)Directions to airport
9)Destination guide

In addition, and what I’m a real fan of is the “Glass Bottom” function which allows you to track your flight progress and to see highlights and photos of the locations as you pass over them. This is something that I was always curious about during my many flights and it should be quite interesting for passengers in the future.

I would definitely recommend checking it out and download it to your iPad. More importantly, give it a test drive in planning and on your next Delta flight.

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