Determining True Motivation for Content Stressed at Digital Atlanta- Guest Blog Post by Chet Bertolli

In its third year, Digital Atlanta was filled with educational workshops, networking opportunities and product demonstrations in one convenient location, Atlantic Station, for five days. During this time, the various corporate directors of Digital Marketing, Mobile Solutions and Digital Experience stressed the need to develop messaging content with responsive design.

One of the sessions covering creating content that truly motivated action stressed including these key elements:

  • Make the customer the HERO, be a storyteller, content is more than text, gather content from others
  • Think about your touch point—it could be a website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest et al. You have to give thought toward the “Googleability” of your content
  • Organize your corporate digital team, create or review your organization social media policy, and lastly, create a consistent platform analysis
  • Finally and most importantly, start with a goal, define what metrics will look like for your organization or project, find passionistas, review, adjust continually and repeat the process.

Bottom line, how can we do this most effectively? The role of marketing research will need to adapt to measuring behavior in such a manner as to capture answers to the following questions in order to mold messaging for responsive content:

* How does the brand energize the frequent users (passionistas)?

* How does the brand facilitate the getting together of people?

* How does the brand support the users in exposing their uniqueness?

* How does the brand help them to feel comfortable among people?

These are the key areas, true motivations, that need to be uncovered in order to develop messaging that will create actionable, responsive content for your social media plan. Please comment and let me know what experiences you had at Digital Atlanta 2012 or with conducting behavioral research. 


Chet Bertolli is Chief Research Officer at Bertolli Research & Marketing, an Atlanta-based custom market research consulting firm established in 2003. As a market research provider, its purpose is to serve  clients at a high level of professional knowledge, integrity and value. It strives to achieve … “Inspired Research, Revolutionary Results”.

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