Even In The Social Media Era, Business Is Still A Contact Sport

 It’s amazing how people tend to become so enamored with Social Media, and all of the benefits attributable to it, that they completely neglect the fact that most businesses rely on contact with other individuals to close the sale. Like football, business is still a contact sport, even in the Social Media era.


Arkansas vs. Auburn


Sure you can fill the funnel and crank up the new business lead generating “machine”, but at the end of the day, human contact is still necessary to close the deal for the majority of businesses. Unless you have a business that relies entirely on the Internet for the complete business cycle, human touch, and what you make of it, will dictate the ultimate success of the business. For many smaller businesses and professional service firms, this can involve face to face meetings and actual “eyeball to eyeball” contact. For others it may involve phone conversations with potential buyers. Regardless, in these situations, the sales skills of those interacting with the prospects and/or existing customers will almost always have a bearing on the success of the transaction. 

Consider the importance of successful contact within your business and don’t put all of your eggs in the Social Media basket. Make sure that you staff accordingly and utilize Social Media and other marketing tools to fill the funnel, but ensure that you have capable individuals at the other end who can effectively interact with others and close the sale. All of the preparation and front end work could be meaningless, if this isn’t taken into consideration in your business planning.  

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