Even Santa Knows Personalized Content WOWs Customers!

As we all know, there isn’t a day that goes by where we’re not being bombarded by content. It’s coming at us from all angles and very little of it is actually being consumed. A primary reason that most of us are not reading the material that we receive is that it really doesn’t address our wants or needs, or problems that we are experiencing as consumers. I, as well as so many others in marketing and social media, expect that this will change in 2015, as content becomes more personalized. If it doesn’t, there will simply be ever more of the same with even fewer messages being read.


I was intrigued last week when I learned of what one national real estate development and management firm had done at one of its local properties to take their content marketing efforts to the next level. They were actually able to personalize in a very key area; namely, a visit with Santa Claus. By utilizing an RFID system, children visiting with Santa were provided with a personalized experience that none had ever experienced before.  Santa had content at his fingertips that could be utilized by him so that as each child sat on his lap he was able to address the persona of each and every child, as well as what they wanted for Christmas. There was no more guessing on Santa’s part and I’m sure the children were WOW’ed by what they experienced. I hope you’ll agree after viewing the accompanying video below.


This direction by North American Properties to personalize things at its Avalon property in  Alpharatta, GA wasn’t by accident. During an interview on our Tech Marketing Radio Show last week which my co-host, Sarah Tourville of Media Frenzy Global, and I had with Liz Gillespie, VP of Marketing for North American Properties, she explained many of the things that her company was doing to use technology as part of its marketing programs. The Santa experience is but one of many areas where marketing innovation has been embraced. The emphasis on the company is on creating a total favorable guest experience. In fact, to ensure that everyone in the firm is in synced they have all attended training by Ritz-Carlton and have incorporated many of the ways that Ritz-Carlton interacts with guests in their business processes. This truly resonated with me, as not too long ago I published a LinkedIn Post titled, “Do Social The Ritz-Carlton Way, Wow Your Customers”.


The mission statement of North American clearly articulates this, as well: “ To create meaningful value and extraordinary experiences for those we serve.” I doubt that any of the children who have sat on Santa’s lap this Christmas season would disagree. The company truly knows how to be an ExperienceMaker and definitely meets the approval of Santa and all of the children who he had the pleasure of sitting on his lap. They couldn’t have helped not to have been WOW’ed!

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