“Just One More Thing”- Columbo’s Words Are So True In Today’s Social Media Era




Although Peter Falk, the actor who so brilliantly portrayed the detective Columbo, has passed away, his spirit is still alive and well in this era of Social Media. Columbo’s favorite saying before leaving a crime scene and potential suspects was “Just One More Thing”. He was forever trying to find a new solution to solving a case and would ask endless questions.

It seems like most everyone now involved with Social Media has caught Columbo fever and is now enamored with the “Just One More Thing” mentality regarding the tools that one can use in reaching an audience.  It’s easy to get caught up in this trap given the abundance of available tools, but it is best to really sit back and make sure what you’re doing makes sense and that you’re not jumping on the latest and greatest trend for the sake of so doing.

In developing a Social Media strategy, you really need to employ the old 80-20 rule and make sure that your primary focus is on those tools and activities that are going to provide you with the greatest  return and engagement with your customers and prospects.  So many focus on loading up the tool box that they forget what end results will be achieved. Many tools provide very incremental returns and take an awful lot of time to implement, operate, and measure. The investment in money, time, and effort just may not pay dividends. It’s always nice to be able to say that you’re using these tools to show that you’re hip, but are they really worth it?

So next time that you’re considering adding something else to your Social Media arsenal, sit back and think of Columbo. Is that “Just One More Thing” really worth it? Can you justify it to your boss or client?

photo: flickr/zolierdos/columbo

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