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I realize it’s not your typical title for a blog post, but after having read David Newman’s book, Do It! Marketing, I’m thoroughly convinced that if you follow a number of the 77 instant-action ideas that David provides that you will see clear benefits to your business and make money from it. To me, David’s book is a well written compendium of a large number of things that I have learned in my 30+ years of marketing and sales.

As David explained to me when I discussed the book with him, “None of what is presented in the book is rocket science. But taken as a whole, or in parts, it can do wonders for your business. It represents a step-by-step process for getting things done with actionable, doable, and practical advice.” It was obvious to me that David had incorporated his marketing and sales “life lessons” into the book and it is definitely something that reflects real world experience. It is engaging, colorful, digestible, and free flowing with a number of checklists and questions to ensure the continued involvement of the reader.

By adding “Do It! Success Strategy” sidebars from 14 of today’s top marketing, social media, and sales experts, David further enhanced the relevancy and credibility of his book. Furthermore, their inclusion aligns itself quite nicely with his FLOP philosophy of  “Featuring and Leveraging Other People” and supporting them in order to ensure the greatest success of all in this social media era.

I intend to keep Do It! Marketing right at eye level on my bookcase for ready reference and plan on reviewing it from time to time to ensure that I am maintaining focus as much as possible in what I’m doing to grow my own business. With the great examples and checklists in the book, as well as its “random access” nature, it will serve as a great resource for a long time to come. I suggest that you pick up a copy of the book and do the same. Not only will it be helpful in this regard, but it will serve as your personal guide to MARKETING THAT MAKES YOU MONEY!


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