Memorable Olympic Marketing Campaigns From London 2012: Cadillac ATS Campaign

Another day has come and gone at the  London Olympics. We’ll relive the outstanding events and the accomplishments of the athletes from today’s events at work tomorrow. There will be water cooler or coffee break discussions  where people will gather round and talk about the events and perhaps a commercial or two that really piqued their interest.

As I indicated in my blog post about Liberty Mutual’s ad campaign, many of the commercial messages that are part of the Olympics will also resonate with us and create lasting impressions. Another company that I feel has gotten it right is GM’s Cadillac division.  It has done an extremely effective job in providing viewers such as myself with a memorable engagement experience that I know I’ll remember for some time to come with its new Cadillac 2013 ATS line and the Cadillac ATS vs. The World Campaign. I honestly felt that I was along for the ride. In addition, as someone who loves to travel, I couldn’t help but think of some of the locations that were used as potential venues for my ever expanding bucket list. I hope that you’ll experience a similar feeling when you view the video as you go from Morocco to Chile; Monaco and the Grand Prix course; and to the Guoliang Tunnel Road in China.


What’s more, and to lend credibility to the campaign, where Cadillac has often failed in providing a sense that it has quality products, this time the company has literally been firing on all cylinders and has gotten the 4P’s of marketing right. The ATS appears to be a quality product, soon to be readily available, attractively priced, and supported by an advertising and social media campaign that should help to accelerate sales. Cadillac has already seen a significant number of Likes on its Facebook page which has short video clips of the various sites and discussions with the driver and “adventurer” that was involved with the production.

It’s not surprising that people are engaged. Just recently, an outstanding review of the product was provided by The Car Connection where they indicated that the ATS will be a formidable challenger to sport-sedans from BMW and other high end manufacturers. This was also supported by a similar review in USA Today that touted how the ATS is a “bull’s eye”.  It’s obvious from looking at the commercial and seeing the car’s performance while being driven through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, that Cadillac is  on to something. I personally felt that the driver was quite safe and well equipped for navigating the perilous turns due to how easily the car handled and maneuvered through the rugged terrain.

I hope that you’ll agree that this is also one of the more memorable campaigns to date. I will explore others in the days to come. Please let me know if you have seen any others that have really caught your eye and which you feel will be memorable for weeks, months, and years to come.


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