Mobile Marketing Just Might Be What You Need In 2013, In Addition To Social Media

Go Mobile? Everyone else is. Along with Social Media, it’s a tool you’ll want to use in 2013.

We  all know how pervasive the use of email and Social Media has been in 2012 with significant increases in the use of the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and  LinkedIn. We’ve also seen  growth in the user base of newer platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Klout, and others.  The question of the day, however, is how effective these various platforms have been in providing significant revenue gains to those companies using them for their respective businesses? Sure they’ve created awareness and engagement, but has the net result been what had been anticipated? It is really difficult to tell, but, if you dig a little deeper, by examining what is being viewed and acted on you can get a pretty good sense of what is and isn’t working.

The criteria generally used in measuring the success of campaigns for various platforms primarily focuses on viewership, open rates, and click through rates. These can vary across the board and have a different impact depending on what “tool” is being used.  For instance:

1)Email- a recent study by Silverpop, showed that the unique open rate of emails in the retail sector were only 17.1% with a click-through rate average  of only 3.1%.

2)Facebook- a blog post earlier this year in indicated that CTRs of 0.063 percent and up to 0.5 percent had been experienced on ads.

3)Twitter – although not an exact comparison, Twitter click-throughs for links shared on Twitter had been 7.16% according to

Unlike the above, in conducting research for this post, everything I read pointed to text messaging opening rates well in excess of 90%. This is tough to beat, particularly in comparing it to email, and the Social Media platforms, as shown above.  With the growth in mobile devices continuing and the acceptance of texting as a norm, it is imperative that marketers engaged in the B2C space, and in relevant verticals, utilize this as part of their integrated marketing strategies in 2013. Done correctly, you can use Text messaging to deliver short, carefully crafted messages to your customers with immediate calls to action that can help grow your revenues at very little cost. There is more to it than just sending texts to a lot of people at one time. Text to win, polling and questionnaire features boost interest and gathers contacts that can be approached anytime.

You should be reminded, however, that it’s not only a question of employing it as one of the tools in your arsenal, but you need to ensure that you don’t overwhelm your customers  with messages and spam them.  To ensure that you don’t face such problems you need to ensure that you have a firm policy in place regarding who receives text messages from you and when and that the recipients have opted-in. You also need to have a platform that can facilitate the sending of the messages in an easy, user-friendly manner.

I believe text messaging, and accompanying support through a mobile compatible Internet presence can make a difference for businesses in the challenging economic environment we face. Isn’t it  about time you got onboard and incorporated mobile marketing as part of your integrated marketing strategy in 2013? I’ve arranged a “test drive” that lets you decide for yourself without cost or obligation. Try it out. Ask any questions. I think you’ll decide, like I did, that mobile is the wave of the future, and it’s here now.

To see for yourself, go to  my mobile interface NOW. Or, text “textnow” to 71441 on your mobile phone. I’ll be paying attention to mobile marketing throughout 2013 with continued blog coverage, webinars and speaking engagements and by staying in touch with businesses that are making it work for them. Let me know how it works for you!

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