Referral Marketing On Steroids- Best Finds From Best Friends

Referral marketing has been around since the start of commerce. Throughout history, those who bought products or used services and liked them would simply tell others of their great customer experience and recommend the business to their family and friends.

Fast forward centuries later and little has changed in word-of-mouth-marketing. For instance, according to a Nielsen survey, 84% of consumers rely on recommendations from people they know for purchasing decisions. It is the highest rated form of “advertising” by a wide margin.  Those recommending businesses or products to others have very seldom, if ever, been rewarded. The ability to facilitate this was generally lacking until now.

The true intersection of referral marketing and rewards for those doing the recommending is now here in the form of the Yaystack app. I just discovered this app that I feel is a paradigm shift. It is a great way for customers to be rewarded in the form of discounts but they are only rewarded if they share company’s featured offers. Given that so many businesses rely on word-of-mouth or referral marketing for their businesses – this app is a true game changer.

Yaystack App

Yaystack App

Sure social media is great for creating awareness, providing offers and reviews, but it has been lacking a true viral element where people are rewarded for sharing what they post.  This is where Yaystack comes in. It truly is referral marketing on steroids.


Benefits to Businesses

As a business, you finally have a way of showing your appreciation to your customers for bringing in their own community. You have a new way of creating a “salesforce” that you could have previously only dreamed of.  You now have the ability to turn your marketing on its head by turning your patrons and fans into your own street marketing team and reward them for their viral word-of-mouth marketing.

I spoke with Yaystack founder, Trey Roth and he shares, “The reason we built Yaystack was to elevate quality business’! The best way to grow a business is through relationships. With Yaystack, we strive to accelerate growth by giving company’s fans an easy way to share about them, and by providing a business owner an easy way to thank them for it!”

With a simple to use dashboard you have the ability to create and share deals. More importantly, you no longer have to figure out what a social media View or Share really means for your business. Impressions are one thing, but it’s difficult to determine if these impressions result in sales and a decent ROI. Now, with Yaystack, you have the ability to measure total activations and redemptions, as well as calculate the redemption rate for your campaign. Meaning, you can accurately track how successful your promotions and Yaystack campaigns are!

Benefits to Consumers

It’s simple! You finally now get great deals from the businesses you like and recommend to others. The only work involved is in sharing the discounts or other offers that they are promoting with your network.

How to Use

As a business, signing up and using Yaystack is very simple. The company has a user-friendly interface for entering your business information, managing your offers, and tracking campaign results. You simply have to make a share-worthy deal and you’re in business. The deal can only be redeemed if it is shared via social media or via text with at least 3 of the customer’s friends. No share, no exclusive Yaystack deal.

As a consumer, all you have to do is download the Yaystack app, set up an account and get started discovering offers and sharing them. You can also “stack” your deals for future use and discover what your friends are stacking. You can also share the love for the deal via a simple click indicating your approval.

A True Disruptive Technology

Finally, a disruptive technology has emerged that allows consumers to be rewarded for their efforts in “promoting” businesses. For businesses, they now have an easy means of facilitating referral marketing and measuring its effectiveness. Yaystack is a truly disruptive technology and will forever change the way that referral marketing is facilitated and managed.

For my followes, Yaystack is offering a $99 year membership special for any business that is interested in becoming a Yaystack preferred vendor. For this special, please use Invite Code: “yayfinders” when signing up on the Yaystack website.

And of course, download the app from the App Store to share and get an exclusive deal. Sharing is caring!


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