83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Reportedly Fake- How Many Fake Likes Does That Translate Into?

BUY Facebook LIKES. BUY Twitter FOLLOWERS.  How many have seen the rapid proliferation in services selling them?

As reported today in Mashable,  some 83 million out of Facebook‘s 955 million monthly user accounts are bogus.  This was revealed in a recent 10-Q filing by Facebook, so it is a matter of public record. The 8.7% of accounts considered as such were classified as follows:

Duplicate Accounts- 4.8%

Misclassified- 2.4%


Based on this disclosure , it’s hard to comprehend the number of “fake” Likes out there that have been created via a number of these accounts. After all, there are many sites out there selling Likes like popcorn from the popper at your local movie theater.

In addition to Facebook, Twitter also has a large number of bogus accounts. As a heavy Twitter user, I come across these everyday. I can’t count the number of sites which I’ve seen that are selling Twitter followers. As a homework assignment, I need to go back and review my own followers to see how many of them are actually fake. They’re not too difficult to spot.

Finally, I heard the other night that LinkedIn has also experienced a similar problem and has been shutting down a number of accounts. They have been very good about policing the LinkedIn network and have been questioning a number of LinkedIn subscribers as to their authenticity. I know as this happened to a very credible friend of mine. So don’t be surprised if you’re contacted by LinkedIn concerning your own personal account.

I really hope that all of the companies involved in Social Media start to do a better job of policing the accounts and shutting down those that are fake or bogus. They should also put an end to companies selling fake Likes and followers by taking legal action against them. If they don’t, it could potentially lead to the eventual demise of the Social Media industry. After all, I believe we’re all searching for the real thing and ensuring that we’re getting a genuine ROI for our efforts. Who wants to invest in a fake Rolex or Coach bag? I don’t. What do you think?


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