RIP LinkedIn Signal


LinkedIn Signal To Be Laid To Rest


Like so many other features that I’ve enjoyed over the years, LinkedIn advised today that it will be “retiring” LinkedIn Signal on July 29th. Although it has been not been easily accessible over the past couple of months, if you go to you can still find it.

Today’s announcement from LinkedIn was as follows:

“The LinkedIn team is continually working to improve your everyday experience across LinkedIn by adding more useful products and features for members like you. Sometimes, this means we will fold a feature into another product or retire it completely in an effort to focus our resources on creating better tools and experiences. 

On July 29, we will be retiring LinkedIn Signal. While you will still be able to look for people, companies, groups, jobs, and keywords using search, you’ll no longer be able to search for updates or access any saved Signal searches after this date.”

I’ve found LinkedIn Signal to be a valuable tool for research via keyword searches. I’ve been able to find developments on people, products, and industry topics which I’ve subsequently used for prospecting and for business presentations. Given the real time nature of Signal, it has been quite useful. I guess I’ll just have to further focus on Twitter and general searches on the Internet.

What are your thoughts on the discontinuance of Signal?

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