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Memorable Olympic Marketing Campaigns From London 2012: Cadillac ATS Campaign

Published on July 30, 2012 By Jeff Sheehan

Another day has come and gone at the  London Olympics. We’ll relive the outstanding events and the accomplishments of the athletes from today’s events at work tomorrow. There will be water cooler or coffee break discussions  where people will gather round and talk about the events and perhaps a commercial or two that really piqued […]

Training for the Social Media Super Bowl- Guest Post: Kaitlyn Nakagoshi, The University of San Francisco

Published on January 31, 2012 By Jeff Sheehan

Training for the Social Media Super Bowl With the playoffs over and Super Bowl Sunday drawing near, many fans are looking forward not only to watching two great teams square off, but to the entertainment value of this year’s commercials. What better time to reflect on last year’s Super Bowl advertising winners and losers and to […]