The Marketing and Branding of YOU – 3 Strategies for Job Seeker Success->Guest Blog Post by Karen C. Hughes

“When opportunity knocks, it’s too late to prepare!” –John Wooden

The words from the venerable Coach John Wooden never rang truer than they do today! Are you ready?  Do you show up ready for success no matter what?

Long before you secure that interview, showing up ready wherever you go means you LOOK READY for success.

  • How are you showing up every day?
  • How are you showing up when you network?
  • How do you make yourself memorable in the interview?

These 3 strategies for success will help you market and brand yourself every time you are hanging out with friends, networking or on the interview…

Show Up Ready Every Day – Adopt a “Uniform”

This does not mean that you must show up in a sports coat, suit or dress every day.  Adopt a “weekday” uniform that is pressed and polished.

  • Pressed khakis and dark denim are fabrics that show up ready with ease.
  • Shoes matter-Make sure they are polished and scuff free.
  • Never wear flip flops or tennis shoes unless you are working out or on the beach.
  • A “power” piece in your car will keep you ready to meet any one at any time.(sports coat for men, layering piece or jacket for women)


Network Know-How

Prepare to be seen at a networking event. Enter the room with confidence.  “Brand” yourself…get a “signature” look.

  • Wear color that people compliment you on (color matters most next to your face).
  • Network to give not to get.  Leave giving to others and you’ll get more results.
  • Don’t go hungry or thirsty!
  • Know how to shake hands. After your image, your handshake is the 2nd thing you’ll be remembered by.


Be Memorable in the Interview

Long before the interview, prepare.  Preparation pays off in the confidence you feel in the interview.

  • There is no substitution for a well-fitted garment. No matter what you paid for the garment alterations can make an inexpensive garment appear custom made.
  • Research. Know the company’s mission statement. Know their culture.
  • Carry a nice pen. (No bling, a classic silver or gold “Cross” type).
  • Carry a simple unembellished portfolio with 3 resumes.
  • Ladies, a briefcase or handbag but not both.


The Marketing and Branding of YOU begins with a Successful Image and showing up READY each and every day!  Don’t miss an opportunity for success!

To Your success!

About Karen

Karen C. Hughes is President of Image Assets and creator of Style YOUniversity, a style and image coaching firm. She helps her clients achieve a personal brand and a physical presence that enables them to show up confident and ready for success. Her StyleCAMP Workshops, online learning community and individual coaching programs have become a popular resource throughout the southeast.  Karen is also on Twitter @karenchughes .

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