The Additional 3P’s Of Marketing & Social Media You Need To Know! Guest Blog Post By Pamela Rossow

When it comes to social media and any type of marketing, content is king and engaging with your audience is imperative. You don’t want to just throw brand information “at” your followers. You want to share “with” them. Doing business now-a-days is more about “we” than “me.” Because of this reality, here are 3 additional P’s you should ponder when launching a marketing or social media campaign.

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PASSION.  This word is not referring to wild rambling pursuits of whim. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary Online, it means having an “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.”

Take this word, pair it with “purpose” and “niche” and you’re getting somewhere. Passion can’t be just an emotional feeling that sways you here and ambles you there. It becomes powerful when it drives you to act with purpose in your social media niche.

Know the purpose of your marketing brand, corral all of that passion you have for your industry and pour it into your niche. If you’re excited and convey this energy to your audience, they’ll be more apt to feel. Feeling may drive your message home and lead to connections. Connections, well, can lead to business!

PERSONA. Persona isn’t merely a fictional caricature of your social media brand. It is a highly defined, well thought out marketing personality. It encompasses your company’s values like respect and responsibility, visuals such as your website landing page or logo and vision for your brand. It’s good to ask yourself targeted questions when creating your social media persona like:

• How did your company come about? What’s its purpose?

• What does its name represent?

• Are you selling a service? What niche are you selling to?

• How would you describe your business? Focused? Creative? Innovative?

If you do your homework before diving into your niche, you’ll have a better chance of marketing success. Your audience will know exactly what you stand for, who you are as a brand and why you operate the way you do.

PUBLIC RELATIONS. Marketing is about public relations, as well as potential results. How well you conduct your marketing campaign is directly correlated with outcome. What are you doing to increase your online presence?

• Create a generic press release that targets your audience and can get the word out about your brand and social media services. Ensure it is error free, succinct, filled only with relevant information and includes your contact information. Then pick a few trusted online press release services and send it off to get the attention it deserves!

• Keep your website up-to-date. This means having a news section and feeding it regularly. Make sure each news bit contains contact info and link it to other pages on your site.

• Having a blog on your website is a great option, too. It’s another way to optimize your content through backlinks (other pages or sites that link their content to your blog posts). These backlinks can increase visibility for your site around the Internet and drive traffic directly to you!

If you use these 3 P’s when delving into an amped up marketing or social media venture, you could have more desirable business outcomes. You may ignite heightened passion, persona and PR. Your presence could spread like wildfire as others are inspired by your success!



Pamela Rossow is a professional writer and South Florida native who enjoys social media and helping others with their writing needs. She is outgoing and defies the traditional “hermit” writer stereotype (in fact, she finds stereotypes loathsome).  She can be reached on LinkedIn at and on Twitter as @pamelarossow.

Photo credit- Jerry Bunkers via Flickr


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