Top Ten Quotes From This Past Week- 3/9/13

I, like many people, enjoy reading quotes. One good quote can really enlighten your day and provide you with the catalyst to spark your inner self to overcome obstacles or challenges that are in your way. Read often enough, they can help to change your mindset by continually feeding it with positive affirmations.

Below I have compiled a list of some of the top quotes that I have read this week which have been the  most popular among my Twitter followers. I hope that you will enjoy this brief list and use it to quickly brighten your day.

Top Ten Quotes For W/E 3/9/13

1)The moment you want to quit is the exact same moment you need to #KeepClimbing and push harder. @SeanSwarner Original quote by Sean Swarner.

2) Your mood didn’t just occur: you chose to dwell on that thought. If you don’t like how you’re feeling, change your focus. @RickWarren Original quote by Pastor Rick Warren.

3)Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.― Unknown RT @AnnTran_

4)Declare that you will prosper despite every difficulty that may come your way. Don’t just survive; thrive. @JoelOsteen  Original quote by Joel Osteen.

5)Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing impossible. -St Francis of Assisi RT @ptarkkonen

6)All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney RT @EmpoweredLife

7)It is easy to be proud & harsh & selfish – so easy. But we have been created for better things. Mother Teresa RT @kimstarry

8)If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – Milton Berle RT @DrJeffersnBoggs

9)If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.~Frank A. Clark  RT @Nicklaseter

10) Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out. ~ Art Linkletter RT @LoriMoreno



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