Unable To Attend SXSW? Don’t Miss Out!

It’d be great to be joining all of the others attending SXSW, but many of us are simply unable to do so for one reason or another. It ‘s hard to say if Austin would even be able to accommodate all of us if we decided to all attend at one time. Many of us would probably end up in College Station or some other remote cities in order to find a comfortable hotel room.

In an effort to ensure that all of those not able to attend can enjoy the festivities, SXSW is providing a live stream of the events. Given the many great presentations, it would certainly be well worth your while to view many of these, if time allows. I would also suggest that you follow the #SXSW Twitter stream to see the reaction of the audience to the multiple events. It should be well worthwhile.

Even though you’re not able to attend this year, I, like you, should be making plans to attend next year’s festivities. #SXSW has really positioned itself as one of the most important events in Social Media. It will likely to continue to gain momentum as Social Media continues to permeate societies throughout the world.

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