Video Will Rock Your World- Guest Blog Post By Tim Forrest

Why use Video on your site?

The #1 reason video is a part of my site is it works! You can begin with a basic video and grow your efforts over time. Video has grown my consulting business internationally and can help most companies that provide a service to businesses and/or consumers. Three of my top four clients of 2011 mentioned watching my videos on YouTube prior to signing agreements to move forward. Since YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google (and I want to continue living on an island at the beach), video will continue to be a big portion of my efforts to attract and retain qualified clients. Video is always available and works day or night providing guidance and insight to interested consumers and leaders seeking solutions to their issues.  If you visit my channel on YouTube you will see my videos are approaching 5,000 views and my site just launched about a year ago. Every day, more than 10 potential clients are watching my consulting videos while learning about me as a qualified service provider for their growth and success needs.

eMarketer’s chart above demonstrates usage of video online now reaches over 70% of all internet users. “About 70% of online merchants that have invested in video do not seem to be turning back,” said Paul Verna, eMarketer senior analyst. It is important you begin now to use video.

Here are several examples of companies using Video:

Videos that work best offer a solution or provide information that the viewer is seeking. For example, this video

Georgia Olive Farms

Consumer product company Georgia Olive Farms is the leading provider of fresh Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in the Eastern United States. Their goal is to sell olive oil to consumers. In this video they walk potential clients through the process of planting an olive tree. This quick how-to video provides insights and ideas on proper planting and care of Georgia Olive Farms’ olive trees. Also, the branding and information is sure to get the attention of olive oil aficionados.

Tim Forrest Consulting

Consulting to businesses in the food channel, my YouTube site is designed to assist food entrepreneurs to make it worthwhile to compete, grow, and enter new markets. Last year, video became a big part of my site and allowed me to focus on supplying existing client’s time and resources while my videos introduced my techniques and insights into a whole new direction. Also, it allows potential clients to get a feel what it is like to work with me and succeed under the terms of any agreement we will reach.

Whole Foods Market

The numbers on consumer engagement with websites that incorporate video is astounding in the grocery industry. Emarketer, the leading research and analysis organization of digital marketing and media, offers numbers that demonstrate grocery retailers with video massive hits and average time on site stats.

Hit the Record Button

Probably all you need to begin making quality video is to hit the record button on one of several video cameras you have around your home or office. Why not get the most from them? Even cameras nowadays have video record features that will provide good quality for YouTube, Vimeo, and your Facebook site.

Get Video onto Your Site Today!

Set-up Your Free Video Site to Get Started

  • YouTube: The most popular online source for sharing and watching videos for free.
    • Go to YouTube, and click on Sign Up in the top right corner.
    • Follow the basic instruction for creating your account.
    • You are now ready to upload your first video when ready. The ‘upload’ button is near the top of the page.
    • This link takes you to a great beginners guide on how to upload video to youtube. Starter Guide

Press ‘Record’ – creating your first video.

There are literally 100’s of cameras and options for recording video. You can even use your built-in laptop camera to record a video or cellphone. Regardless of camera, get your video footage off the camera and onto your computer for access and uploading. You probably have several options in your home now that can get you started in the world of video making. Also, you will probably want to edit your video and start your first project small and simple, maybe less than a minute or two to get you acquainted with the various steps to video success.

Publish Movie

Once you have your movie off the camera and onto your computer, you are ready to do some basic edits and get started publishing your movie. Publishing your movie is similar to creating that bound book that is ready for printing. You have to ‘publish’ the file for further uploading and sharing around the internet. After publishing your movie it will be time to upload to your ‘published’ movie to your youtube account. Hint: Make it easy to find this saved file when you are ready to upload to youtube.

  • Publish with Windows Live Movie Maker: Make and edit movies using photos and videos; add specialeffects, themes, soundtracks, transitions and more; and share videos online. Available as part of a free download for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • Publish with iMovie: Mac users can organize, edit and watch videos, turn them into movie trailers and upload them to the web or use iTunes to sync them with Apple devices. In the Mac App Store for $15.

Upload Your Work

Now that you have your movie published, sitting in an accessible file on your computer, you are ready to upload to your youtube page.


Congratulations, you have created and uploaded your first video onto the net. Now, you have many options for your continued growth and success with video.

  • Customize the settings, tags, and video summary within your youtube settings.
  • Share the video link on your blog, facebook page, or by email.
  • Customize your youtube channel with branded background image.
  • Add additional videos and expand the information provided to your viewers.
  • Improve the graphics, transitions, and angles that make up your video.

Please send me your video channel and upload links, I would like to see your efforts in the world of video and communicating with your potential future clients using video.

Tim Forrest is celebrating his 25th year in the food industry assisting clients with marketing and growth strategy. Clients include government agencies here and abroad, the world’s largest food processors, and large growers of fresh and local products. He has placed his clients into Food Network Shows, QVC Television, Walt Disney parks, Walmart, Costco, and grocery chains throughout the world.

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