White Paper: “On Customer Experience: Benefits. Best Practices. Truth.” Guest Post by Mike Wittenstein

“On Customer Experience: Benefits. Best Practices. Truth.”   On Customer Experience makes the case for adopting customer experience design as an enterprise level strategy. The white paper introduces the benefits of customer experience as a way to improve loyalty and improve brand performance. It includes a self-assessment checklist to learn if customer experience design is the right way to go and it includes a seven-step best practice approach to launching and sustaining customer experience initiatives. The secret, according to Wittenstein, is to design twice. First, design the experience in a way that benefits customers, employees, and shareholders. Second, design an adoption experience for the people in the organization to learn how to deliver it enthusiastically and on-brand.


About Mike

For two decades, Mike Wittenstein has helped business leaders around the world differentiate their brands by dramatically improving their customer experience.  In the process, those clients have gained market dominance, increased their sales, and/or discovered new, unexpected revenue streams.

Now an expert in customer experience design and customer experience strategy, Mike is a sought-after designer, speaker, and consultant.  He works in the hospitality, retail, technology, healthcare, and entertainment industries, as well as other service categories.  He can be reached at http://www.mikewittenstein.com/  Follow him on Twitter: @mikewittenstein

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